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Virtual Fair combines the 3 parties of a Study Abroad Fair: Universities, Students and Program Partners.



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Join your university's virtual study abroad fair, and get customized study abroad suggestions.

Overseas Programs

Overseas Programs

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We created the perfect Virtual Fair for you.

Virtual Study Abroad Fairs

It's Simple.

The Virtual Fair system allows Universities to complete a form, and automatically create a Virtual Fair page to promote to its students.

Solving Modern Problems

Solution for University Study Abroad Fair

Key Features

University Benefits

Mobile Ready

Virtual Fairs will be attended in the palm of a hand.

Lead Generation

Know who attended your fair, and how interested they are.

Curate Your Partner List

Automatically direct students to your curated partner list.

Thinking Smarter

Virtual Fairs are beyond space and time. Use this tool all year.

Video Links

Include links to your own, and partners, video chat channels.

Lead Scoring

Spend your time advising students who need you most.