Fall 2021 Quick Survey Results

As we approach the Fall 2021 Fair Season, LunaFairs produced a survey to get a sense of what the International Education community is planning on this fall. Below are the results:

Which of the following best describes you?

Did you utilize LunaFairs in the past?

University Host Responses

What are your study abroad fair hosting plans for the Fall?

Note: Others = 1) “offering both options. Not a hybrid but 2 separate fairs”; 2) “Planning on some virtual with potential in-person”

How certain are you about your plans?

University: Did LunaFairs provide a valuable service to your University?

Do you plan to use LunaFairs in the Fall with either Virtual Fair services or In-Person Registration?

Program Partner/Provider Based Responses

Provider: Compared to pre-pandemic, how many in-person fairs do you plan to attend?

Provider: Would you attend more fairs if Universities gave an option for both virtual and in-person?

Provider: What gives you more value for your investment?

In regards to STUDENT LEAD GENERATION, how did LunaFairs compare to other virtual platforms?

General Responses

Would you be interested in attending a Webinar this summer that explores best practices/ expectations for Fall 2021 virtual and hybrid fairs?

Do you anticipate continuing to use LunaFairs in the post pandemic world?

Considering your complete experience with LunaFairs, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

What do you like best about LunaFairs?

What could LunaFairs do to improve?

If you could have LunaFairs add one feature, what would it be?

Comments for the Good of a Study Abroad Fair Discussion

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