Program Partners

Connect with Students

Luna Fairs allows you to automatically connect with students from your partners whose interest matches your programs

Simple Process

Simplified registration process allows for easy creation of your profile, and easy updates throughout the term

24/7 Fairs

Connect with students outside of the standard study abroad fair window - gain connections throughout the semester.

Organized Admin Area

Easily see which students you can help, with their interest level; have the capability to export as a CSV to import into your CRM

REGISTraTION Questions

Now!  The first group that will register for the system are Program Partners and Providers.  The reason for this is that Universities will be selecting their Fair Invitees from the list of Providers in the system. 

The launch window starts August 6-12.  If you miss the window, you can still add your program, but you may miss out on invites from universities.

The profile is pretty straightforward, so it shouldn’t take too long.  Also, you can always update your profile afterwards.

If you are part of an organization that would typically host a table at a study abroad fair to promote overseas programs, then you would be part of this profile.  The members of this group will be part of the list of options that a student will be matched with, after a student creates a profile.


This group includes:

  • Study Abroad Providers
  • Non-U.S. Universities/Institutions that take in U.S. students
  • U.S. Universities/Institutions that have overseas programs, and would like to be listed as a potential student match

You can set up a profile for free, but the cost of attending a Fair is $50/fair attended.

Just like you can turn down an invite for a standard fair, you will also be able to turn down a Virtual Fair invite.  LunaFairs must be notified a week prior to the start of the initial fair date or the start of student sign ups.

By creating an account, Universities that are hosting fairs will be able to select you from the system to invite you to their fair.

There would be three ways to go about this. 

1) When Universities create a fair, there is a section for “Fair Details,” which after signing in, is the first thing students will see.  You can put your highlighted program in the fair details.  Pros: Simple to add; Cons: The program will not be listed in the Student Program Matches.

2) You can register your program as a Program Partner.  This would be $50/fair to get in the listing area, and be part of the students’ program matches.  If you are only promoting to your students, it would be $50 total.  If you want the option to get in front of other universities, you can do so, and it would be $50 for each fair you attend.  Pros: Program Matching visibility; if you were interested in promoting the program beyond your school, other schools could add your program to their listings; Cons: Cost.
3) You can add the program in under the Exchange/Faculty-Led Program options.  Pros: Simple, No Cost; Cons: It’s not technically an Exchange/Faculty-Led program, so students won’t intuitively look there; won’t be in the student program matches.

#1 or #2 tend to be the best options.