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Connecting people, places and ideas through transformative study abroad


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Logo: Arcos Learning Abroad


Connecting people, places and ideas through transformative study abroad

What Makes Us Unique:
Why “Arcos”? “Arcos” (Arches in English) to us conjures the imagery of arches reaching across continents and cultures and connecting people, places and ideas. We also visualize the Roman arch and the solid, and lasting, structural foundation it provided to give rise to civilizations and societies over the expanse of time. An essential component to a successful journey. We seek to be the arch that not only connects – but supports – our students on their learning abroad experiences. We are that More connection point between their curiosity to seek new experiences and the in-country learning that gets them there.

What’s Included in Our Programs:

Pre-Departure Advising
Visa Advising
International Medical Insurance (opt-in policy)
Program Orientation
University Tuition & Fees
Onsite Directors & Staff
Homestay & Meals
Cultural Activities
Volunteer & Community Service
Language Exchange
Transcript Processing
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Airport Transfers
Language Assessment
Reception & Farewell Activity
Laundry (Costa Rica, Spain)
Books for Spanish class (Mexico)
Country Handbook

More About Us:

Arcos (all programs)
Program Overview

Arcos Learning Abroad is a global education community committed to positive change through transformative international education experiences. We provide intentional study abroad programming with the student and the educator at heart. We are a team of highly trained international educators with over 20 years of experience providing life-changing study abroad programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Heredia, Costa Rica; Oaxaca, Mexico; and Granada, Spain. Arcos offers full-service study abroad programming with sessions year round, including a variety of language classes and electives, internships, and volunteer opportunities. We invite you to step through the arch and into a new world of possibilities!

Program Video

Academic Offerings

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Arcos Learning Abroad offers courses for all majors and minors. Listed below are some of the unique programming options available:

Spanish Language:

  • Lower and upper division Spanish language courses

Spanish Electives available in:

  • Cultural Studies & Social Sciences
  • Geography & History
  • Literature
  • Business & Economics
  • Political Science

Specialized Program:

  • Healthcare & Medical Spanish
  • Internships
  • Animal Studies

Professional Certifications:

  • Medical Spanish
  • Business Spanish
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Excursions & Cultural Activities

arcos costa rica 8

Excursions (examples):

  • Mediterranean Beach Trip (Granada, Spain program)
  • Colonia, Uruguay (Buenos Aires, Argentina program)
  • Rainforest Zipline Tour & Arenal Volcano (Heredia, Costa Rica program)
  • Bahías de Huatulco Pacific Beach Trip (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Cultural Activities (examples):

  • Arabic Baths
  • Flamenco Performance
  • Latin Dance Classes
  • Theater Performances
  • Art Workshops
  • Festivals
  • City Tours
  • Museum Visits
  • Traditional Cooking Classes
Arcos Learning Abroad - What's Included

Program Partner Info

Semester – Spring, Short Term – Summer, Semester – Fall, Short Term – January, Year Long, Short Term – MayMester

Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain

Business, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Animal Science, Art History, Arts, Communications, Creative Writing, Dance, Digital Media, Education, European Studies, Film, Gender More Studies, Geography, Graphic Design, Healthcare, Health Sciences, Hispanic Studies, Human Rights, International Business, Language Studies, Latin American Studies, Law, Liberal Arts, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing, Medieval Studies, Nursing, Pre-Med, Public Health, Service Learning, Social Sciences, Theater, Visual Arts, Women’s Studies

Business, Education, Healthcare, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Nursing