City, University of London

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Based in the heart of London


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Logo: City, University of London


Based in the heart of London

What Makes Us Unique:

City’s Study Abroad Programme allows students to take courses alongside our core degree students, with few restrictions about subjects and levels students are able to select to create their own personalised study abroad programme. Our location in the heart of London is an ideal place to study business, and our business courses reflect our proximity to London’s financial centre, with specialised courses available in finance and trading.

What’s Included in Our Programs:

City will provide accommodation for students within 10 minutes walk of the main teaching site, and provide a full induction and orientation giving students the opportunity to mix with the students from over 150 different countries that come to study at City.

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Semester – Spring, Semester – Fall, Year Long

United Kingdom

Business, Accounting, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, Entrepreneurship, European Studies, Finance, Gender Studies, Global Studies, Humanities, Human Rights, Information More Technology, International Business, International Relations, Journalism, Language Studies, Law, Literature, Marketing, Media Relations, Music, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Startups