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Travel changes people, people change the world.


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Travel changes people, people change the world.

What Makes Us Unique:

We’re educators, not tour guides that work to tailor each experience for students based on their goals and learning objectives. Our open-enrollment programs include in-person Study Abroad in Lima, Peru plus two passport-free, Virtual Study Abroad in Peru and The Latinx Patient: Medical Spanish & Latinx Culture.

What’s Included in Our Programs:
We don’t believe in hidden fees or “add-ons.” Our Program Fees are all-inclusive and cover all aspects of the program, please visit our website for current dates, deadlines and fees. Scholarships and guaranteed financial aid are available.
For in-person study abroad this includes: tuition, homestay experience (including meals), orientation, intensive language booster course (80 hours), three in-country excursions, month-long orientation activities in Lima, 24/7 local support, cultural events, More internship/volunteer placement, personal project advising, visa and transcript support, airport pick-up and drop-off.
For our passport-free virtual options this includes: classes, program page with resources and materials, certificate of completion, university transcript (if applicable), and full support from our team.

More About Us:

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Semester – Spring, Semester – Fall, Year Long

Peru, Spain, Online/Virtual (passport-free)

Business, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, African-American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Arts, Biology, Chemistry, More Communications, Conflict Studies, Culinary Arts, Dance, Education, Environmental Studies, Geography, Global Studies, Healthcare, Health Sciences, Hispanic Studies, Humanities, Human Rights, Indigenous Cultures, International Business, Language Studies, Latin American Studies, Law, Liberal Arts, Literature, Medicine, Nursing, Peace Studies, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Psychology, Public Health, Public Policy, Public Relations, Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Theology

Childcare, Community Development, Education, Environmental Conservation, Teaching, Building Projects, Business, Climate Change, Community Development, Conservation, Education, Human Rights, Indigenous More Rights, Law, Medical, Service Learning, Social Services, Summer, Teaching, Women’s Rights