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Communication and Media: Courses, Internships, Field Experience


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Logo: Klein Global Opportunities


Communication and Media: Courses, Internships, Field Experience

What Makes Us Unique:

Housed within the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University, Klein Global Opportunities (GO) offers international or US based experiential learning opportunities related to the fields of media and communication. We offer summer internship programs across the globe, and our programs are open to all majors at Temple University and beyond.


More About Us:


If you have an interest in diversity & inclusion, environmentalism or sustainability, childhood development, the entertainment business, storytelling, intercultural communication, interning abroad in the industry of your choice, or if you’re just seeking an immersive cultural experience – stop by our booth and let’s chat!

Program Partner Info

Semester – Spring, Short Term – Summer, Semester – Fall, Year Long, Short Term – MayMester

Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Business, Cultural Studies, Advertising, African-American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Arts, Communications, Creative Writing, Design, Digital Media, Ecology, More Education, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Film, Gender Studies, Global Studies, Graduate Studies, Graphic Design, Hispanic Studies, Humanities, Indigenous Cultures, International Relations, Journalism, Latin American Studies, Liberal Arts, Literature, Marketing, Media Relations, Photography, Public Relations, Social Sciences, Sociology, Startups, Theater, Tourism, Visual Arts, Web Design, Women’s Studies

Business, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Animal Science, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Arts, Biochemistry, More Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Conservation and Preservation, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Design, Digital Media, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Studies, Fashion Design, Film, Finance, Food Science and Nutrition, Gender Studies, Geography, Geology, Global Studies, Graphic Design, Healthcare, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Humanities, Human Rights, Information Technology, Interior Design, International Business, International Relations, Journalism, Kinesiology, Landscape Architecture, Language Studies, Law, Liberal Arts, Library Sciences, Life Sciences, Marine Biology, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Relations, Medicine, Meteorology, Museum Studies, Music, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Oceanography, Peace Studies, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Therapy, Physics, Pre-Med