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LdM: Florence & Tuscania. Empowerment through experiential learning.


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Logo: Lorenzo de' Medici


LdM: Florence & Tuscania. Empowerment through experiential learning.

What Makes Us Unique:
Founded in 1973 in Florence, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) is among Italy’s most comprehensive and well-established international institutions in higher education. In addition to its main campus in Florence, LdM has premises in Tuscania, a historical town in northern Lazio. Today, LdM hosts over 3000 students annually from all over the world.
The educational opportunities at each of LdM’s two sites are deeply rooted in their surrounding environments, allowing students to experience More first-hand the inspiring culture of both historical and contemporary Italy. Committed to the empowerment of students as active participants in the learning process through both traditional and innovative educational approaches, LdM integrates learning with personal growth and community engagement.
LdM prepares its students through a formula that integrates both theoretical and experiential learning approaches. This fusion helps cultivate individual creativity, problem-solving skills, social and environmental awareness, as well as personal development. LdM students build a wide array of technical skills and conceptual insights necessary for their future professional careers.
LdM course offerings are grouped in seven main academic divisions: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Italian Language and Culture, Creative Arts, Design, Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture, Science and Mathematics, and Agriculture. Through LdM’s interdisciplinary approach, students can choose from over 600 different courses in 35 subject areas, all taught in English (with the exception of the Italian language courses). US study abroad students can gain college credits towards their chosen majors.

More About Us:

Studying Abroad at LdM means students have a distinctive opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of the host city, its art, architecture, and monuments as part of a theoretical and practical education. They will be immersed in Italian language and culture while getting to know and appreciate Italy’s rich history and people. LdM helps students strike a balance between personal discovery by living and learning about a new culture, and the rigorous coursework that is necessary for academic growth.

The programs are designed to encourage awareness not only of the course topics but also of the Italian culture in which they are studied. Students can choose and combine their courses from different departments. This allows them to discover new interests while pursuing their academic and professional goals. The study abroad experience is also an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and achieve personal growth while engaging with others from across the globe.

The LdM Study Abroad Program covers the following sessions:

Those interested in Archaeology and Restoration may also consider Summer workshops and Summer field schools, offered at the Tuscania and Florence campuses.

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Students embark on an intercultural journey in which they explore different aspects of the Italian culture and lifestyle. Starting off in the cosmopolitan Florence, a city of art, design, and fashion, the program continues in Tuscania, a picturesque hill-top town set in northern Lazio, located right between Florence and Rome, the Italian Capital, in one of the country’s most authentic and unspoiled areas, also noted for its Etruscan necropolises.

The program is a celebration of all that is Italian, from history, to excellence in the field of eno-gastronomy, approached from a Business and Marketing perspective. At the same time, My Two Italies engages students with a reflection upon contemporary and eternal issues, such as the pursuit of happiness in challenging times, and the importance of sustainable practices in today’s food production and supply.

An exploration of the Italian Language binds together the students’ experience through two of the most fascinating regions of our country; In Florence (Toscana region), they get the basics of the Italian Language, necessary to start navigating the Italian everyday life. In Tuscania (Lazio region), students immerse themselves in the language, getting the chance to engage in daily conversation with locals, and to really make a true Italian-style experience.

Students spend 6 weeks at each location, attending five 3-credit courses in total.

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Semester – Spring, Short Term – Summer, Semester – Fall, Short Term – January, Year Long


Business, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Advertising, Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Arts, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Communications, More Conflict Studies, Conservation and Preservation, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Education, English, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Fashion Design, Film, Food Science and Nutrition, Gender Studies, Geography, Global Studies, Graphic Design, Humanities, Interior Design, International Business, International Relations, Journalism, Liberal Arts, Literature, Marketing, Museum Studies, Peace Studies, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Public Relations, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theater, Visual Arts, Web Design, Women’s Studies

Business, Art History, Communications, Education, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, International Business, Marketing