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NYFA is a Hands-On & Intensive Visual & Performing Arts College


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Logo: New York Film Academy


NYFA is a Hands-On & Intensive Visual & Performing Arts College

What Makes Us Unique:
New York Film Academy (NYFA) is a hands-on intensive visual and performing arts college like no other in the world with campuses in New York, Los Angeles, and South Beach (Miami) and locations abroad in Florence, Paris, Beijing, and Gold Coast (Australia). Students get to use the city they are in as the backdrop to their films and stories and interact with the host culture in a unique way.
Additionally, NYFA utilizes the following philosophies and practices in all of its programs:
1. Learning More By Doing – Students must make movies to learn how to make them, which guides each program at the Academy.
2. Full Immersion – Students fully commit themselves to their chosen craft, working on their own projects and assisting their classmates.
3. Hands-On Experience – From day one students are behind the camera, working with equipment, and gaining first-hand expertise in their craft.
4. Entertainment Capitals – Whether studying at the Academy’s NYC, LA, or additional campuses, students are exposed to rich artistic environments outside of NYFA.
5. Professional Education – Each department’s faculty is comprised of professional experts who are accomplished and active in their field.
6. Always Evolving – The Academy is continuously expanding its course offerings to keep up with the ever-evolving entertainment industry.
NYFA provides students with the tools and know-how, and students are actually able to apply what they learn in class in the real world, making for an educational experience unlike any other.

What’s Included in Our Programs:

All filmmaking equipment is provided.

More About Us:


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NYFA’s study abroad courses are open to students in all disciplines. Whether they are already budding filmmakers or actors, whether they want to learn how films are made, or what it takes to create a performance, students benefit from taking part in NYFA’s hands-on and intensive training programs. We welcome study abroad students who want to capitalize on the opportunity to integrate filmmaking, acting, and other visual arts disciplines with an international cultural experience. In addition to acting and filmmaking students, NYFA’s study abroad programs draw U.S. students from all relevant disciplines who are seeking the benefits of a hands-on and intensive arts education.


Each of NYFA’s locations are situated in the most premiere settings in their cities:


  • NYFA Florence’s campus is located in the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater and steps away from the historic Piazza Santa Croce.
  • The NYFA Paris program is held in the facilities of La Fémis film school, which is one of the most prestigious films schools in the world, and is in the artistic Montmartre area.
  • NYFA Gold Coast’s campus is in the heart of Southport and also has production studios within the world-class, Village Roadshow Studios backlot as well as has hot sets once a month at Warner Bros. Movie World.
  • NYFA Beijing’s facilities are nestled in the heart of the Haidian district of Beijing, at the Beijing Film Academy (BFA), the largest, and the best, film school in Asia.


  • NYFA New York   overlooks the Statue of Liberty at the southern tip of Manhattan, in the historic Financial District.
  • NYFA LA is in the heart of Hollywood with production studios on the backlot of Universal Studios.
  • NYFA South Beach is located on the famous Lincoln Road in Miami.


NYFA’s international locations offer our signature intensive short-term programs in FilmmakingPhotography and Acting for Film, which range from one week to eight weeks to a 12-week semester. Program lengths and courses vary by location. Please view specific location pages for each location’s full offerings.

For students who want a longer study abroad and cultural immersion experience, we offer 12-Week Semester programs in Filmmaking and Acting for Film at our Florence, Italy and Gold Coast, Australia locations. Like all of NYFA’s programs, the 12-Week Semester is hands-on and intensive.

If students are looking to study at our locations in the US we offer the above programs as well as programs such as Musical Theatre, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, 3D Animation, and many more! For our full list of programs, please visit NYFA’s Program site here.


While you will be in class for a majority of the day, NYFA’s programs provide a unique experience that is not had in a typical classroom setting— students interact with people and cultures on a daily basis by immersing themselves in visual & performing arts programs and use the host city and country, as their film set and location shoots.

Study Abroad Reviews for New York Film Academy (NYFA) Beijing - Hands On, Intensive Summer Filmmaking ProgramEQUIPMENT

NYFA supplies state-of-the art filmmaking equipment to all of our students for the duration of the program. However, students may need to provide their own hard drives and memory cards. Additionally, for photography programs all students are required to bring with them a digital camera with manual exposure control.


Our diverse international faculty is comprised of highly experienced NYFA instructors who are also industry professionals. They have award-winning credentials and hold degrees from the most prestigious universities in the United States and throughout the world.


No matter what NYFA location you decide to study at, you will be studying amongst students from all over the world. In fact,  50% of NYFA’s student population are international students and we enroll students from 100 different countries annually.

This means U.S. students work and live with NYFA students from many other countries —learning from them, while offering insights into America and its diversity.

The multiplicity of global students means that you will not be studying in an American “bubble” as in many U.S. study abroad programs such as U.S faculty-led ones. The NYFA environment offers a true international experience thanks to the richness of the convergence of so many varied cultures.

Please note that all NYFA programs are taught in English.


  • NYFA’s programs will benefit students from nearly all disciplines 
  • Students have the opportunity  to immerse themselves in hands-on and intensive visual and performing arts programs 
  • Students are able to interact with the host culture in a unique way by utilizing NYFA’s core philosophies such as Learning by Doing and giving a Hands on Experience
  • Students receive hands-on experience under the guidance of stellar instructors
  • All of NYFA’s programs are located in renowned hubs of film production
  • Student’s will not be studying in an American “bubble”
  • We offer the opportunity to receive credit and a transcript for participating in these  programs


Students that meet the application requirements will have the option to receive a regionally accredited transcript, offering transferability of credits after successfully completing their NYFA program.

Credits are awarded in the following scale:

1-Week Workshops Carry 1 Credit
3-Week Workshops Carry 2 Credits
4-Week Workshops Carry 3 Credits
6-Week Workshops Carry 4 Credits
8-Week Workshops Carry 6 Credits
12-Week Semester Program Credits Vary by Subject & Location

New York Film Academy is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001.
New York Film Academy is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).Students that meet the application requirements have the opportunity to receive transcripts that offer the transferability of credits to other regionally accredited institutions of higher education in the U.S. as well as other nationally accredited institutions of higher education in the U.S. *

New York Film Academy is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and all NYFA Study Abroad locations and programs are regionally accredited by NYFA’s WASC status. The regionally-accredited transcripts for students that successfully complete NYFA Study Abroad programs are issued from NYFA’s Los Angeles Campus Registrar.

NYFA’s accreditation listings can be found on the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) website at:

*Please note: The New York Film Academy makes no representation that credits awarded by NYFA will be accepted or applied toward the completion of any degree or certificate by any other postsecondary institution. The acceptance of transfer credits is always governed by the receiving school.

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