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Study business in the heart of Europe!


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Logo: SRH University Heidelberg


Study business in the heart of Europe!

What Makes Us Unique:
At our university we combine the acquisition of skills and the joy of learning. We place active and independent learning at the heart of everything we do. Only those who act and learn independently can surpass themselves, acquire knowledge and skills and take on responsibility for themselves and for others.
Students at SRH University Heidelberg possess all they need for the working world: knowledge, skills and key More qualifications.
5-week blocks – intensive and lasting
You immerse yourself intensively for five weeks in a practical question and take a maximum of two subjects per 5-week block.
At the end of each 5-week block (eight or nine times a year) you sit for a competence-based exam. This way you get continuous feedback on your performance.

What’s Included in Our Programs:
Internationalisation is the norm at the SRH Business School with guest lecturers from abroad regularly invited to teach at our university.
Germany is one of the most preferred host countries for international students. Heidelberg is world-famous as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, linking both historical ambiance and top-level higher education facilities.
SRH University Heidelberg is one of the largest and oldest private universities in Germany. About 3,500 students are currently More enrolled in the various faculties. Being a private university, our first priority is to promote the personal success of our students. The effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and the benefits of close cooperation between professors and students motivate our students to excellence.
The safe environment within our campus and the city of Heidelberg is essential for peaceful and productive studies. Germany is politically stable and places great value on peace, order, and a fair rule of law. The rights of all citizens are respected, regardless of their cultural, ethnic or religious background.

More About Us:

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Business, Accounting, Communications, English, Entrepreneurship, European Studies, Finance, Global Studies, International Business, International Relations, Language Studies, Law, Marketing, More Mathematics