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Social, experiential learning; travel; Heart of Europe


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Logo: Salzburg College


Social, experiential learning; travel; Heart of Europe

What Makes Us Unique:
At Salzburg College classroom work, field study, workplace experience and academic travel complement one another. Students are encouraged to make their personal experiences part of their academic studies. Experiential learning constitutes an important component of all our semester and academic year programs, one of the major reasons why we require all academic year students to complete an internship during their second semester.
All classes are taught in English, mostly by European professors, More and students receive regular US credit for their academic work. In order to enhance concentrated learning, Salzburg College offers all of its courses with block scheduling.
The semester and academic year programs at Salzburg College are designed to allow students to truly immerse themselves into the Austrian culture and German language. It is our mission to support students in feeling as though they have truly relocated their life and education to Central Europe and have become part of the local culture.

What’s Included in Our Programs:

To support the overall Austrian experience, two courses are required of all students wanting to study a semester at Salzburg College:

The European Experience OR Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
One German language course
Beyond this students may choose to complete 2-3 more courses offered in the following academic fields:

European Studies
German Language and Culture
Art & Photography

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Business, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Art History, Arts, Communications, English, European Studies, Humanities, International Relations, Language Studies, Literature, More Marketing