Host Universities

Simple Process

Simplified registration process allows for easy, hassle-free virtual fair creation, and easy updates throughout the term

Connect with Students

Luna Fairs allows you to automatically connect your students with your Program Partners who offer program matches

24/7 Fairs

Allow your students to connect with programs outside of the standard study abroad fair window

Organized Admin Area

Easily see which students you can help, with their interest level; have the capability to export as a CSV to import into your own system

REGISTraTION Questions

Here is a list of a few things that will help your registration process:

  • Fair Dates – If you’re not sure, we have an “Easy Dates” option that lets you pick preset dates based on your region.
  • Program Partners – You should have an idea of who you will be invited to the fair.  You can see a list of Partners who are in the system already.  If most of your partners are in the system, you can complete the fair form, and add any other ones later.
  • Faculty-Led/Exchange programs, or other Fair Details, like financial aid, that you plan on including.

  • Also, know that you will be update your information throughout the semester, so there is nothing that can’t be updated.


    You can create your fair with Luna Fairs starting August 14, 2020. The form is intentionally simple, yet powerful.  Also, you can always update your fair form throughout the semester, so don’t worry if you don’t have all of your details in order when you complete  the form off the bat.

    After you complete your fair registration, you will be given a link for your Luna Fair under your Virtual Fair Info tab in the Admin section. 

    The student registration will be opening around August 21, and once it is open, you can begin to share the link around.

    If you are part of a university that is HOSTING a fair.  This would typically be U.S. Universities that would be hosting Program Partners. 

    This would not be for Universities from overseas programs that are looking to recruit students – those institutions should complete the Program Partner registration.

    For Universities who are hosting the event, this tool is FREE if you will not be charging Program Partners to attend!

    For Program Partners (Program Providers, Overseas Universities, etc.), there will be a per fair fee of $50 for fairs they choose to attend.  The aim is to make this to be a valuable tool for all providers, and not something that would be cost prohibitive.

    Please note: Since Program Partners/Providers attending the fair will be charged for the product, we ask that Universities do not charge partners for the fair. If you were planning on charging for the fair, you could hold off on charging, and consider that your University’s contribution to making this system work for all parties. Please contact me directly at with any questions on the pricing policy.

    While a main feature of the system is connecting your students to your Program Partners, the system still is able to distribute information to students as well about your own programs.  Even if you just have a few close Program Partners, this system is great for keeping students connected to them.

    If you’re unsure, you can try starting the registration and see what you think – it’s a simple process!

    There would be three ways to go about this.

    1) When Universities create a fair, there is a section for “Fair Details,” which after signing in, is the first thing students will see.  You can put your highlighted program in the fair details.  Pros: Simple to add; Cons: The program will not be listed in the Student Program Matches.

    2) You can register your program as a Program Partner.  This would be $50/fair to get in the listing area, and be part of the students’ program matches.  If you are only promoting to your students, it would be $50 total.  If you want the option to get in front of other universities, you can do so, and it would be $50 for each fair you attend.  Pros: Program Matching visibility; if you were interested in promoting the program beyond your school, other schools could add your program to their listings; Cons: Cost.

    3) You can add the program in under the Exchange/Faculty-Led Program/Home University options.  Pros: Simple, No Cost; Cons: It won’t be in the student program matches.