Easy Dates: Regional Suggested Dates

In an effort to make it easier for both Universities and Program Partners to coordinate times for virtual fairs, Luna Fairs has laid out “Easy Dates,” which are suggested time for fairs, based on NAFSA Regions.  This is not a requirement for Universities to choose these options, but it is just a suggested date model.

Many have asked how the multi-day/week virtual fair model could work, so here is the layout:

If you are a school in the following regions, you could have these fair dates:

Regions 1, 2, 3:
Sept 7-10 (11-4 pm) | Oct 5-8 (11-4 pm) | Nov 2-5 (11-4 pm)

Regions 4, 5, 6:
Sept 14-17 (11-4 pm) | Oct 12-15 (11-4 pm) | Nov 9-12 (11-4 pm)

Regions 7, 8, 9:
Sept 21-24 (11-4 pm) | Oct 19-22 (11-4 pm) | Nov 16-19 (11-4 pm)

Regions 10, 11, 12:
Sept 28-Oct 1 (11-4 pm) | Oct 26-29 (11-4 pm) | Nov 16-19 (11-4 pm)



Would I need to be present during all of these times?
No.  You can choose these dates, and make a note in your fair details of when your office will be available during these times (if at all!).

Wouldn’t there be conflicts in times if all schools in a certain region have fairs on the same day?  How would Program Partners manage this?
This is the beauty of the virtual fair.  There would be conflicts, but that’s not an issue – being virtual, one Program Partner rep will be able to manage virtual visitors from multiple schools.  You can think of it as a Program Partner hosting a table in a common area shared by many universities.  This can also increase the activity in virtual sessions, which is also a good thing.

I already scheduled my fair.  Do I need to change it to this?
No.  You can go ahead with your current plans – this is just a suggestion!

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