White Paper on Virtual Fairs by ISA

ISA by WorldStrides released a white paper on 9/29/2020, analyzing what we have learned so far with Virtual Fairs and Outreach.

Read it here: ISA – Virtual Fairs & Outreach Report

In the Platform analyses, the paper notes of LunaFairs:

“Of all platforms we have experienced thus far, LunaFairs has proven to be the most successful in capturing interested student’s information.”

The paper also outlines some interesting points on duration, noting:

“It might seem counterintuitive, but longer fairs tend to have lower participation and registration. A one or two-week packed schedule is hard to digest, and many students struggle to get started. Instead, consider short, more time-bound interactions with partners.”

The time of events are highlighted as well:

“Virtual events held between 10-2pm and 4-5pm have had the most participation. Early September events had low attendance; however late September has increased significantly. This may be due to the proximity of approaching deadlines or the additional time dedicated to planning and promoting.”

As far as Registration goes, the paper also pulls out some good points:

“Registration is the best way to capture new student interest.  There are lots of opportunities that still exist even if they don’t show up to the original event or session!”

To read the complete paper, go here:

ISA – Virtual Fairs & Outreach Report

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