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Date: September 30, 2020
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Welcome to the Virtual Study Abroad Fair!
The global pandemic halted our study abroad programs last spring.  We brought students home and cancelled last summer’s programming.  As we begin to plan for the future, we want to help our students and their families plan for study abroad.  We know it is the dream of many students to spend a summer or semester traveling the world and experiencing new cultures.   Thank you for taking the first steps today and learning more about the opportunities that await!

Please use this virtual fair to explore the many global opportunities we offer at CNU and through Study Abroad Organizations.  This site will remain open through mid-November as a resource for you.

Tips for Getting the Most From the Fair

At the virtual fair, you will see a wide variety of programs and options for study abroad.

  • Partner Program Options (Also known as NON-CNU Programs): These includes independent organizations, with considerable experience in the field, who facilitate programs abroad. The organization will work with the student on items like the application process, sourcing housing abroad, flights, course enrollment, visa application and on-site support. In some cases, the program is one location/university, but the majority of these programs have a wide variety of offerings in locations around the globe. External Programs are offered during the semester and summer terms. Credit is awarded by the hosting university (This may be a U.S. or International university transcript), and will appear on student’s transcripts as transfer credit. Students must receive approval from the CNU Study Abroad Office to attend an External Program.  Financial Aid and Scholarship may be applied to these programs after CNU approval is given (additional forms are required by the CNU Financial Aid Office).  Students will be billed by the program and will pay the program directly.  This could impact the use of GI Bill and Prepaid Plan in some cases.
  • Faculty Led Options (Also known as CNU programs): These are coordinated and run by a CNU Faculty leader.  Each program will have one or two CNU faculty accompany the group of students and will teach a course on-site.
  • Exchange Program Options: These are agreements with universities to exchanges students for a semester.  These are specific to academic departments with CNU, except the Chinese exchanges, which are open to any student seeking experience learning Chinese language for a semester.

You can click through and read more about the different programs, as well as chat live with program faculty and representatives during the live event time (Wednesday, September 30 from 6-8pm). This page will remain accessible through mid-November for you to revisit!

Study Abroad Student Ambassadors – Meet our Students!

Speak with students who have returned from study abroad.   We have student panels in October you are welcome to attend.  You can also contact our ambassadors by emailing sasa@cnu.edu and one of our ambassadors will reach out to you. We have students who have traveled all over the world to more than 20 countries, who are excited to speak with you.

Student Panels

Join us in October for lunchtime panels of returned students.  We’ll discuss popular programs, money & finances, and the FUA program in Italy.

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Program Partner Info

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All Partner Program Options

Program Description Locations Connect More University Program Notes

Academic Programs International (API)
Experience the world: transformative learning, anytime, from anywhere! All Locations: Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Read More Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

CIS Abroad
Affordable, Immersive Study and Intern Abroad Programs All Locations: Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Read More New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

USA Program not approved by study abroad office.

Florence University of the Arts – The American University of Florence
All Locations: Italy

Contact the study abroad office prior to applying for CNU's application code.

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)
Offering affordable and authentic study abroad opportunities All Locations: Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Read More Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay

CEA Study Abroad
All Locations: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Read More Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Your Discovery. Our People… The World Awaits. All Locations: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Read More Republic, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Virtual Programs

USA & Virtual Programs not approved by the study abroad office.

John Cabot University
Italian, roman, academic, travel, residential, historic, diverse, fun, transformational, pasta All Locations: Italy

Innovative, Business, Engineering, Boutique, Adventure, Leadership, Travel All Locations: Italy

Advanced Studies in England
Friendly, small, academic, dynamic, student-centred, immersive, creative. All Locations: United Kingdom

Semester at Sea
Multiple-country study abroad program, based on a ship! All Locations: Brazil, China, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, Read More Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam

University of Glasgow
Ancient, Historical, Flexible, Welcoming All Locations: United Kingdom

University of Glasgow is CNU's partner for the CNU in Scotland semester program. The University also has a summer program in which CNU students have participated.

IAU College
Study abroad in France, Spain & Morocco: life-changing, high-impact, site-specific learning since 1957 All Locations: France, Morocco, Spain

University Booths

Faculty-Led Options

Name Location Dept / Course Dates Contact Website More Info
Business Ethics and Sustainability in the Bahamas Bahamas Phil 207 or PHIL 295 May 5-19, 2021 Chris.Tweedt@cnu.edu Website

This course is a multi-faceted real-life case study that allows students to experience the effects of business and government initiatives on various stakeholder groups with a particular focus on the effects that pertain to sustainability—environmental sustainability, sustainable ways of life, and commercial sustainability. Before engaging in the case study, students will learn frameworks for evaluating the morality of sustainability-related efforts, and students will become familiar with the backgrounds and efforts of the Bahamian government and the various other businesses and groups with which we will meet.

During the trip, students will meet with representatives of stakeholder groups at various levels, including government officials in populated islands (New Providence, the highest-populated island, pop. 250,000, and the hub of Bahamian commercial activity) and rural islands (Central Andros, an emerging commercial island, pop. 9,000, and South Andros, a rural, recondite island with limited commercial activity, pop. 400). In addition, students will meet with and interview managers and business owners responsible for sustainability efforts, who will show us the results of their initiatives, explain why they are engaging in those efforts, and discuss their successes and failures. These managers and owners include those spearheading the Blue Project at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, those leading the Bahamian Agricultural and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) in Central Andros, owners of Small Hope Bay Lodge (an environmentally sustainable resort) in Central Andros, owners of Caerula Mar Club (an upscale, foreign-owned resort) in South Andros, fishing guides in South Andros, and various other business owners and residents on each island. On each island, students will engage in the top-grossing commercial activity on those particular islands, explore the effects of those activities on other groups on the island, and both experience and discuss with various stakeholders what those stakeholders are doing to ensure sustainability across the Bahamas.

Tropical Ecology: Field Experience in Ecuador Ecuador BIOL 422 May 15-31, 2021 rsherwin@cnu.edu or Michael.Meyer@cnu.edu Website

This study abroad course is complementary to materials learned in Biology 430 (a spring term prerequisite for this course). The course includes international travel where students will have the opportunity to observe, and describe biogeographical principles, with an emphasis on island and tropical biogeography. While in Ecuador we will focus our activities in the high Andres, Amazon basin, cloud forests, and the Galapagos Islands. Students will engage in research projects and conduct floral and fauna surveys/inventories in conjunction with faculty and researchers from several University and conservation programs. Students will study/observe vegetation, wildlife, and human cultures and synthesize how each are molded by the environment in which they are found.

Cross-Cultural Leadership Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland LDSP 330 June 3-23, 2021 Brent.Cusher@cnu.edu or Qingyan.Tian@cnu.edu Website

Course Description: Old maps of a “flat” world show the area of origin as the center or middle of the Earth, illustrating the mindset of societal and cultural preeminence. Though it is clear that our cartography has become more accurate, do we still approach leadership with this mindset of cultural preeminence? How, by contrast, does one lead effectively across cultures in the globalized and globalizing world of the 21st century? The purpose of this course is to explore, experience, and understand the influences of globalization and societal culture on leadership and help students to develop leadership knowledge, skills, and an effective mindset for leading across the cultures. We will also harness a wonderful opportunity to ask the following questions: In which ways does globalization facilitate the global coronavirus pandemic through which we are currently living? How does each society we visit responds to the pandemic? In which ways does each country's responses reflect the cultural values of the society? What has been the impact of the pandemic on the individual countries of Europe, on the wider organization of Europe, on European Union? What are the implications to leadership?
Defining leadership as the process of leaders and followers acting together within a given context to achieve a common goal, the course explores how globalization, culture, and social values shape leadership behaviors on the individual, national, and global levels. This study abroad course operates with a particular focus on the nations of Western Europe (Latin European and Germanic European Cultural Clusters), including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. These diverse nations have experienced and responded to the imperatives from globalization, in particular, the coronavirus pandemic in different ways.Through personal observation and investigation of concepts, patterns, and issues that shape society and cultural values, students will learn the importance of society and culture to effective leadership in a global context and understand how to assess social structure and culture when making leadership decisions. Seeking to clarify the ways that world cultures are becoming both more different and more similar in the present day, this course focuses, in sum, on the impact of cultural differences to leadership.

Program and Trip Description: Students will be housed at Maastricht University, one of the top 100 universities worldwide. Maastricht is located in The Netherlands, the heart of western Europe, providing convenient access to each of the countries to be visited. The university will assist with trip planning, as well as providing guest lectures to augment CNU’s faculty.

Medieval England and the Gothic Revival England ENGL 395 or HIST 395 May 15-31, 2021 Jason.Carney@cnu.edu or Charlotte.Cartwright@cnu.edu Website

This interdisciplinary course allows students to connect medieval history with the imagined “medieval” of 18th century Gothic literature. Students will begin by reading and analyzing three seminal Gothic novels: Walpole’s Castle of Otranto, Radcliffe’s Mysteries of Udolpho, and Lewis’ The Monk. At the same time they will visit surviving medieval cities, castles, cathedrals and abbeys in York, Yorkshire and London to learn the history of late medieval England. In class discussion students will be able to explore how 18th century authors reimagined the medieval countryside, architecture, religion, and lifestyle in comparison with historical understanding of the medieval period. Students will have the opportunity to write a research paper on a history or literature topic of their choosing that allows them to further research the course themes.

European Marketing and Management Germany: Munich, Stuttgart ; Netherlands: Amsterdam; UK: London MKTG 454 or MGMT 454 May 5-19, 2021 rhasbro@cnu.edu or hettche@cnu.edu Website

This course examines key aspects of management and marketing in the European Union (EU). The topics for the marketing course include an analysis of culture, consumer behavior, branding, product positioning and marketing strategy. The management course will explore several of the strategic and operational challenges facing multi-national, European firms and the many facets of the EU business environment including cultural, political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental or “green” dimensions. Particular emphasis, will be placed on gaining contextual understanding of how marketing and management functions in an international context. The course has an on-line component as well as a travel abroad component.

Educational Achievement in Finland & Sweden Finland: Turku and Helsinki ; Stockholm, Sweden PSYC 312 May 3-25, 2021 Timothy.Pressley@cnu.edu or Jessica.Kelly@cnu.edu Website

This course will allow students to examine the transformation of Finland's education system that led to the country's rise to the top in international rankings for educational systems as well as explore a second thriving educational system in Sweden. Students will visit elementary and secondary classrooms in Finland and Sweden. In addition to classroom visits, students will meet with university educators in Finland who train Finland's teachers and school administrators in Finland and Sweden. Students will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the Finland and Sweden education systems as well as focus on what changes might be implemented in US schools to improve aptitude in reading and math.

Sport Leadership in Nordic Culture Sweden: Stockholm, Malmo; Reykjavik, Iceland LDSP 395 June 1-21, 2021 Lynn.Shollen@cnu.edu or Kathleen.Callahan@cnu.edu Website

This course explores sport as a global cultural institution, considering the effect of cultural context on different levels and types of leadership within various levels and types of sport. While sport is ‘universal’ and has been tagged as the one thing that unites the world, its meaning and role as a cultural institution varies globally. In the United States we have a unique way of organizing sport that is radically different from the rest of the world; the structure and culture of American sport result in assumptions about sport leadership. In this course, students will examine those assumptions through learning about and experiencing how sport’s history, significance, function, and leadership operate in Nordic cultures. Students will consider their own and others’ ways of leading in sport through the lens of different cultural systems, which will help them clarify the relationships among culture, values, sport, and leadership, and help them understand more fully leadership in sport and leadership in general.

Looking for King Arthur: Literature, Theater, History, and Medieval & Renaissance Studies England & Wales ENGL 392 or THEA 395 June 4-19, 2021 David.Salomon@cnu.edu or Laura.Godwin@cnu.edu Website

This study abroad course looks at some of the more important pieces of literature in the Arthurian canon in congruence with visits to significant historical sites in England and Wales. The goal is a broader understanding of the legend, myth, and history of King Arthur and its influence on contemporary Anglophone culture.

Cultural Communication Competence: Interacting in a Global Environment Brussels, Belgium (with a short stopover in Paris, France) COMM 340 & COMM 395 June 30- July 31, 2021 Todd.Goen@cnu.edu or Jennifer.Billinson@cnu.edu Website

Cultural Communication Competence: Interacting in a Global Environment

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and numerous international organizations and corporations. Given the city’s stature as an international hub for commerce and politics, it is an ideal location to study various aspects of communication. Thus, this trip will allow students to explore a variety of communication phenomena in the historic and unique country of Belgium.

Course Code: COMM 340 & COMM 395 students take both courses

Psychology of Alcohol and Culture Brugge, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bamberg, Germany PSYC 347 May 9-30, 2021 catanzar@cnu.edu Dr. Diane Catanzaro Website

Visit museums, treatment centers, breweries, and collaborate with European students to explore how culture shapes alcohol-related behaviors and mental processes.

Paths of Development in Mathematics and Physics at the time of the French Revolution France, Scotland, England MATH 395 or PHYS 395 June 8-27, 2021 Mihaela.Dobrescu@cnu.edu or David.Heddle@cnu.edu Website

The major institution supporting research in mathematics and physics in the 18th century Europe was the French Académie des Sciences, founded in Paris in 1666 by Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Mathematicians and scientists from all over Europe, including Euler and Lagrange, entered regularly its prize competitions, hoping to win the challenges and the corresponding recognition, and ultimately to become members of the prestigious academy. In 1793, major institutions in France including the Academy of Sciences, were shut down by the Revolutionary Convention. Some scientists did not survive the reign of terror, but others, including Lagrange, did. In 1795 the Institute National des Sciences was established, and alongside L’Ecole Normale and L’École Polytechnique, institutions that would play a vital role in the development of mathematics and physics. Fourier, who started his studies at L’Ecole Normale attending Lagrange and Laplace lectures, put the foundations of an extremely rich area of research in mathematics that carries his name, Fourier Analysis. Lagrange together with Euler developed a new calculus, called variational calculus, which not only opened the door for new physics; it permitted the reformulation of existing theory, such as Newtonian mechanics, in a more elegant manner.
In this course, we will follow the paths in the history of mathematics leading to the development of variational calculus, differential equations, and approximation theory based on works of D’Alembert, Euler, Fourier, Lagrange, and Laplace. We will start the course at CNU, continue it in Paris, and complete it in Great Britain where the mathematics developed on the continent during the French Revolution made its way across the channel and opened the door for new applications. This transition relied heavily on the work of Mary Summerville, in Edinburgh, who progressed from solving math puzzles from the Ladies’ Diary to The Mechanism of the Heavens, ultimately playing a vital role by interpreting and translating Laplace’s works into English. On the pure physics side, aided by Summerville’s translations, Hamilton in Cambridge reformulated mechanics and Maxwell, who split his career between Edinburgh and Cambridge, unified electricity and magnetism in his famous set of partial differential equations. We will conclude the course in Great Britain with an introduction into these advances in physics.
Students will learn to apply course material to the larger world, to improve mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, to recognize the existence of cultural differences and acknowledge the perspectives and practices of others by exploring the monumental works of the giants of the 18th century scientists.

Environmental Encounters in Iceland Iceland PHIL 370 June 23-July 5, 2021 Joe.Balay@cnu.edu or kredick@cnu.edu Website

Environmental Encounters in Iceland is a 2-week summer study abroad course set in Iceland. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Iceland is a site of vast natural wonders (e.g. volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields geysers, etc.). Drawing on their rich mythological history and deep connection with the land, Iceland is also one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world with almost 100% renewable energy, high ethical standards in the fishing industry, and pioneering organic farming practices. Using Iceland’s natural beauty and culture as our setting, this course examines key questions of environmental stewardship, ethics, sustainability, and economics. Traveling across Reykjavik, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the southern coast, and the eastern glaciers, we will engage first-hand the natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and sustainable infrastructure of this amazing country.

Strategic Management Italy BUSN 418 May 4-24, 2021 Scott.Walker@cnu.edu Phillip.Bazzani@cnu.edu Website

Strategic Management entails making long-range plans for organizations. This course utilizes business case studies to examine corporate strategies. Students are taught the strategic management process and apply that process using a sophisticated multi-period simulation throughout the term. Decisions are made from the perspective of top management. The course is designed to integrate and apply skills acquired throughout the business core curriculum. Global strategic management will be emphasis and corporate ethics are also explored.

CNU in Scotland Glasgow, Scotland Interdisciplinary: Open to several majors Vary by semester scotland@cnu.edu Website

The CNU in Scotland program is a semester long experience in the fall or spring semester. A CNU faculty leader accompanies the group of students and teaches one course to all CNU students. The remaining courses are taught at the University of Glasgow.

Teaching Across Cultures Belize Graduate Program: TCHG 550 January - Two Weeks Dr. Judy Pantelides judy.pantelides@cnu.edu Website

TCHG 550

Students must have a 3.0 GPA in the MAT program from summer term to be considered for this semester course.

* This study abroad experience is only open to graduate students enrolled in the fifth or professional year of the Teacher Preparation Program.

Students enrolled in this 3-credit course attend pre-departure classes in the fall and do comparative research into educational practices in Central America and the United States. The course culminates in a two-week study abroad experience in January in which students are placed with practicing teachers in one of the three schools (two primary and one high school) in San Pedro, Belize. The course focus is on comparative educational practices, as well as on appreciating and understanding multiculturalism and diversity, particularly as it relates to the education field. Students are registered for the class in the spring semester.

Exchange Program Options

Name Location Terms Contact Website More Info
Name Location Terms Contact Website
Rennes Business School Rennes, France Spring or Fall studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

This exchange is only for business students who wish to attend the Rennes Business School in France.   The courses are taught in English, but some French language is advised for local interaction in the community.

Kozminski University Warsaw, Poland Spring or Fall studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

This exchange is only for business students who wish to attend the Kozminski Univeristy in Poland.   The courses are taught in English.

University of Chichester Chichester, England Spring or Fall studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

This exchange is primarily for Music students, but has several academic departments available.

Rosenheim University Rosenheim, Germany Spring Only studyabroad@cnu.edu or Dr. Riedl Website

This exchange is only for computer or electrical engineering majors in their Junior year.

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Wels, Austria Spring Only studyabroad@cnu.edu or Dr. Riedl Website

This exchange is only for computer or electrical engineering majors in their Junior year.

Beijing Normal University Beijing, China Spring or Academic Year studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

Open to students interested in taking Chinese Language courses for a semester.

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Shanghai, China Spring or Academic Year studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

Open to students interested in taking Chinese Language courses for a semester.

University Booths

Name Contact Website More Info
CNU Study Abroad Office studyabroad@cnu.edu Website

Contact us today! Email us at studyabroad@cnu.edu or call 757-594-8083 to get started.


We look forward to meeting you soon! We will continue to update this fair page as we prepare for the Sept 30th fair.  Feel free to communicate with programs now.  Applications are open now. Here are the steps to apply to a programs:


  1. Create a Profile
  2. Add the application for the program(s) from the world map
  3. Complete the Application Forms Online


  1. Create a Profile
  2. Add the CNU application for the program(s) from the world map
  3. Complete the CNU Application Forms Online
  4. Communicate with the CNU Study Abroad Office about courses you are interested in taking
  5. Apply to the Partner Program Online

Enrollment Forms  will be required after acceptance to any program.  These forms may include participation agreements, housing forms, payment forms, passport detail collection, visa application details (if needed), and more.

Students will receive pre-departure information from the Study Abroad Office and their program to help prepare them to study abroad.  Topics will include safety, money, packing, housing, communication, culture shock, academic expectations, and more.

Passport Application and Renewal

Students planning to apply to a summer 2021 or fall 2021 programs, should apply for their passport as soon as possible.  The U.S. Department of State is significantly delayed due to COVID-19.   Applications are taking 10-12 weeks to process.

Check the expiration date on your passport. Many students who received their passport in high school may need to renew prior to study abroad.  Students with passport renewal from when they were minors must appear in person for renewal.  This process is also taking about 10-12 weeks to process.

Most locations will require 6 months remaining on your passport after your intended date of return, so we require CNU Summer participants to have passports valid through December 2021.

To get started, visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html

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